I'm Making a boy band

by artist Bora kim

It is an experimental film project that will exist somewhere in-between a reality show and fiction. The members of the boy band will be performing/acting the role of a K-pop boy band member at first. But at the end of the production, they will have become a real boy band that will debut in the U.S., Korea, and Japan. 

They will be following directions at the spot but not a pre-written or pre-given script. There will be rules to follow, but the details of the actual actions are up to themselves to improvise or they will be acting/being themselves, just a K-pop boy band version of themselves. They will be asked to act like “K-pop” boy bands, meaning no matter the race or ethnicity, they will be performing the mannerisms/gestures of an young Asian/Korean male who wants to be an idol singer. 

Everything from the audition to dance practices, voice lessons, and shooting the music video (“work life”)/ from waking up to commuting to the studio, interacting with their friends and going to bed (“private life”) will be documented and uploaded to their youtube channel. All of the members are going to be in the “work life” part of the film, and the leader of the band who I already have casted is going to be the only member in the “private life” part of the film.

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